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The Mountain

Directed by Christina Vieira-Barry

At: 18. January 2023

The Mountain is a dystopian short film that takes as its point of reference the view from the window at Lumen museum. The short film visualises the concept of Hyperscape by creating a narrative in which landscape is no longer “real”, but experienced through the virtual gaze, as if in front of a screen. A criticism of the extent to which the idea of landscape has become an artificial construct in the collective imagination, and the need to reveal the layers inherent in the present anthropocene.

The panoramic view of a supposed “untouched” nature becomes entangled in its own hyperscape. A speculative visualisation of the Anthropocene, the film breaks the safe stance of the visitor who contemplates nature “at a distance”. Instead, the human is no longer in control of nature, but becomes lost in the infinite layers of a speculative anthropocene.

Through our actions we are writing the future of the planet, and living the consequences of the past. Landscape is no longer a solid ground beneath our feet, but has become a hyperspace in which we wander towards an “uncontrollable dystopian eventuality”.

“Present Anthropocene landscapes exhibit a dynamic between techno-utopian aspiration and uncontrollable dystopian eventuality.”
T. J. Demos
The Scopic and the Scaped: Anthropocene Landscapes



A No Filter Films production:
Director: Christina Vieira-Barry
Director of Photography:
Christina Vieira-Barry
Actor: Michael Della Giustina
Camera: Red Komodo 6K / Red Gemini 8K
Lenses: Canon 24-105mm & Walimex Pro 16mm
Drone: Mavic Pro DJI
Drone Operator: Christina Vieira-Barry

Location: Lumen Museum / Mirror Room