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Reading Landscape?
Exhibition Video
At: 20. June 2023

No Filter Films are proud to present the exhibition video
Reading Landscape? Showing Lumen Museum until 31.08.23

Frei.Wild Tour 2023
Wir schaffen Deutsch.Land
At: 21. June 2023

Michael Della Giustina had the honor of going on tour with the Frei.Wild team. The result is something to behold.

The Mountain
Directed by Christina Vieira-Barry
At: 18. January 2023

The Mountain is a dystopian short film that takes as its point of reference the view from the window at Lumen museum.

Best of 2022
Our new Showreel
At: 31. December 2022

No Filter Films is proud to present the new Showreel of year 2022. Lets tune in. Enjoy.

Microtec X-Mas Spot 2022
A Christmas Tale
At: 16. December 2022

Microtec presents his new Christmas Spot in Twenty Twenty-Two. A Christmas Tale featuring the CT Log.

Teatro De Los Sentidos
Museion Art Club
At: 28. December 2022

Museion Art Club presents a five-day participatory artist residency and two events open to the public with Teatro de los Sentidos

Alessandro Casciaro
Opening Event
At: 14. July 2022

We are proud to present the new opening video of the exhibition "my favourite work" at Alessandro Casciaro Gallery in Bolzano / Italy. Open until 10.09.22

Control Alt Delete
New Shortfilm
At: 10. July 2022

No Filter Films are proud to present a snippet from the upcoming short film "Control Alt Delete" (2022) from Christina Vieira-Barry.

Gruber Holz
At: 20. June 2022

No Filter Films has created in collaboration with MiCROTEC - Innovating Wood a stunning product video, shot at the sawmill Gruber Holz in Morter, BZ (Italy).

LHFS Bruneck presents
The New School Uniform
At: 2. June 2022

The Landeshotelfachschule Bruneck presents its new school uniform in cooperation with the fashion store Anders in Bruneck.

Shoot & Think
The Exhibition
At: 18. March 2022

Our Film „Please Return To Your Screens“ is now showing as part of the exhibition „Shoot&Think“ - now open at Frei_Raum Vienna

Please Return To Your Screens
Q21 FreiRaum, FotoWien
At: 25. February 2022

We are invited at the exhibition SHOOT & THINK in Vienna with our short film Please Return To Your Screens, directed by Christina Vieira-Barry. 

Hot Bandperformance
The new Musikvideo
At: 13. February 2022

Next Step is the name of the current single by the Aviarys from Bressanone, South Tyrol and we at No Filter Films produced the music video. It will be released at the 11th of march 2022.

Our first gold record
Filmmaker award
At: 20. September 2018

Together with Florian Maurer we received our first golden record from Frei.Wild, for selling more than 100.000 units. This award honors us very much and we are mighty proud of it!

Stund Null Release
The Making-of
At: 6. February 2018

The film is about the polarity of this unhinged world. It is about the struggle of good and evil, of boundaries that blur and of the truth that remains hidden in the fog of ignorance.

June Nieseins - Walls
The debut single
At: 9. October 2018

Far from any pop platitude, the first pioneer to the upcoming single "Walls" is out now. The Music as well is very stylistically. The content of this single is carried by a grandiose hookline.

Doggi's summer hit 2018
Olm loggor bleibm
At: 30. November 2021

Three words - one goal: glide calmly and relaxed into the warm season (applies of course also to the rest of the year!!!). Gentle Raeggearhythms, a catchy melody, Doggi's unforgettable voice

London Elephants - Alive
The new music video
At: 7. November 2018

London Elephants present their latest single release Alive with accompanying video clip. Hard on the edge, London Elephants unashamedly show what it's worth living for!

Hangar X
Fahr zur Hölle
At: 28. February 2019

Here's the new video of “Hangar X“. The band shows up with new hardness and their latest single “Fahr zur Hölle“ with which they manage to get a contract with “Rookies & Kings“!

June Nieseins first Album
We are the resistance
At: 10. May 2020

The new album from June Niesein is already in the starting blocks. Two singles are already released, three more will follow! On June 21, the time has finally come! The debut album "Apocalypse" will be released on all platforms.

At: 6. March 2018

In a wonderful team the new music video for Frei.Wild from the album was created in the Quellenhof in Passeiertal. In the video we try to stand up against violence against women.

At: 24. February 2018

In cooperation with the life artist "Karim Russi Rusdo", the interview about his escape from the war, the journey into the unknown from the Ivory Coast to Europe was created.