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The band Grenzen|Los show a new stage in their vita with their release "Ihr habt uns unterschätzt".


Olm loggor bleibm

The new summer hit from Doggi "Olm loggor remain".


Rivalen & Rebellen Tour

Here are some impressions from Pratteln of the Rivals & Rebels Tour 2018 of the band Frei.Wild.

Stunde Null


Stunde Null, who are now under contract with the label Rookies and Kings, present their first single!


Macht Euch Alle Platt

Appropriate to the events at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Frei.Wild makes a statement. Macht Euch endlich alle Platt is political and unabashed.

June Niesein

Let it Go

June Niesein's music video shows the story of a girl who chooses suicide.


Wir sind Ewig

“Wir sind Ewig“ is the second single of the band Artefuckt from the new album Manifest!

London Elephants

In the Dawn

This song was created during the pre-production of the new album on the Seiser Alm. Enjoy it!

June Niesein

No Pain

The new track for the tour of the same name No Pain is finally in the starting blocks!



Director, Animation & Editing: Michael Della Giustina Concept & Text: Marvin Signoretti Music: Marvin Signoretti / Christian Lechner

June Niesein

Too Late

The second single from June Niesein's album "Apocalypse" is now available on all platforms! You can pre-order the album here: iTunes: or on the Weseite:

June Niesein


June Niesein presents his first single release "Apocalypse"; The album for it will be released on all platforms on June 21, 2020. Here you can pre-order the album: iTunes:

Schrei auf Schrei laut


Schule für Amateure

Nick Merfren



June Niesein

Es isch Zeit

Bentley Records and Alien Chord Records presents "Es isch Zeit" by June Niesein © 2021. Difficult times call for unusual measures. "Es isch Zeit" is the first hip hop track from Niesein, for the first time in South Tyrolean dialect, uncensored and unvarnished.

Alien Chord Records is proud to present I Wanna Feel You by June Niesein © 2021. Taken from the new EP Halfway Home, I Wanna Feel You smashes the soundwaves over the hills of Bolzano city, shot in the ruins of an abandoned villa. Thanks to all of you who made this happen.

Showreel 2022 / No Filter Films

No Filter Films - Showreel 2022

London Elephants


London Elephants are back again and present their first single release Alive, from their new EP.

June Niesein


Alien Chord Records presents June Niesein's debut single Walls, now available on all channels!

London Elephants

Yet Unknown

London Elephants present their first single "Yet Unknown" from the new album "Plasma Vortex" and also there new music video!

Aaron Kerschbaumer


Aaron Kerschbaumer presents his third single release "Ocean", soulful and authentic.



The band Grenzen|Los show a new stage in their vita with their release "Ihr habt uns unterschätzt".